Fr.Bill Fitzgerald 427:4922

10th November 2019




First Reading: (2 Maccabees 7::1-2, 9-14)

The King of the world will raise us up to live again for ever.

Second Reading :(2 Thessalonians 2:16-3:5)

May the Lord strengthen you in everything good that you do or say.

Gospel: (Luke  20:27-38)

He is God, not of the dead but of the living.


Pope Francis’s prayer intention for November: That a spirit of dialogue, encounter, and reconciliation emerge in the Near East, where diverse religious communities share their lives together.







10th November

James Webb

All Victims of War





14th November

Eucharistic Service



11th November

Eucharistic Service




15th November


Joan Gough



12th November

Relatives&Friends (Abbott)




16th November


Readers’Day St.Vincent’s, Bramhall.



13th November

Gerald Culley




17th November

Peter Turner

Annie & John Conboy



One decade of the Rosary

Mon, Tues, Weds Thurs, Fri. – 10.30.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Adoration and Rosary

Last Saturday of the month 10am-10.50am.

Tuesdays 4pm-5pm


By appointment

Sacrament of Reconciliation


Saturdays 5.15pm-5.50pm and last Saturday of the month.




Those who are sick:

Please pray for Bill Davies, Christopher Brown, Stuart Madden, Christopher Clifford, James Tanner, Annie Shufflebotham, Marie Sidebottom, Malcolm Garrett, Libby Webb, Nina Noworyta, Fr.John Cairns, Marie Hayes,  George Williams,  Ruth Grace Crosby, Jarek Tomaszewski, Emily Small, Ann Crossley,  Kathryn Smith, Pauline Walton, Steven Platts, Fr.Kevin Gradwell, Clare Hadlow, Pauline Magrath, Kathleen Jones, Father Pat Munroe, Audrey Turner, Renata Broda, Mary Foster, Gino Belli.


A warm welcome to everyone. If you are new to the parish, please fill in a card and give it to Fr Bill. We shall be glad to visit you and make you as welcome as possible.


The Diocese of Shrewsbury is a Registered Charity No. 234025


Data Protection Privacy Notice. The Parish of Holy Spirit, Marple sometimes collects personal information about parishioners. All personal information is collected, processed and stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. This is retained only as necessary and used by the Parish/Diocese for the benefit of the Parish and for legitimate reasons such as administrative and religious purposes. You can read our full privacy notice at www.dioceseofshrewsbury.org/about-us/ privacy-notice


A/C details:Account Name: “The Holy Spirit Development Account” Account No. 58710368                                                     Sort Code 30 15 52



Fr.Bill  writes: As we have entered the month of November the “Month of the Holy Souls” Fr.Bill is impressed by the number of families who have remembered their dead and submitted a November Dead List. All the submitted lists are now placed in front of the altar, and will be remembered at all the Masses celebrated here at Holy Spirit, during the month of November. Fr. Bill has had a number of enquiries from Families of “Year 3 Children” who are regular Sunday Mass goers with regard to the celebration of First Holy Communions in 2020, Fr Bill will not disappoint any Family whose Year 3 child is a regular Sunday Mass goer. On an individual Family arrangement with Fr.Bill, their First Forgiveness and First Holy Communion will be celebrated.  All Year 3 children, including those who are regular Mass goers will be expected to Register for the ongoing “Preparatory Programme” which will start at the end of this coming January 2020. This programme will see Year 3 pupils more actively engaged in the Sunday Morning Mass eg: taking the Readings, Bidding Prayers, Offertory Procession on a regular Monthly Basis. It is therefore of importance that Families of Year 3 Children who are not regular Sunday Mass goers, give serious thought as to How and When their Year 3 Child can be prepared for the “First Sacraments if they are not part of the Sunday Mass going Community??  Fr,.Bill understands that work commitments and other happenings prevent families attending every weekend, but we have a large Number of Families whose children will be due to celebrate “First Sacraments” in the future and with the exception of Christmas and maybe Easter they never join our Parish Sunday Celebration of Mass.  This weekend we celebrate Remembrance we give thanks for those who served Our Country in the Great Wars and in all Conflicts since, up to the present time.  At the 9am Mass the “Children’s Liturgy Group” will lead the Congregation in the annual Act of Remembrance. Many of the names submitted in the November Dead Lists were members of HM Forces who took part in these conflicts. Next Sunday November 17th the “Parish Meeting” will be held, starting with Light Refreshments at 1pm. The Meeting Proper will begin at 1.30pm approx., Fr.Bill understands that perhaps this time on a Sunday is not the best for everyone, but the alternative, is coming out in the dark for an evening meeting, so do please make a special effort to attend. There is a Pre-Agenda Sheet on the Table in the Church Foyer so if you would like to have some item raised at the Meeting, pop it on the Pre-Agenda Sheet  If you can help with refreshments at 1pm speak with Angela Kendrick or Brid Hinley. This Weekend Posters giving Notification of the Annual Diocesan Collection along with Special Gift Aid Envelopes for the Priests’ Training Fund are on the table in the Church Foyer. Fr.Bill pointed out last week, that those Parishioners and Friends of the Parish who signed up for Our Mission Together are already making a Monthly donation to this “Training Fund” and don’t need to make a further commitment, unless they particularly want to do so. Fr. Bill would like to invite those Parishioners and Friends of the Parish not part of Mission Together to consider a Personal Donation to the Diocesan Priests’ Fund Collection,  The time when Families financed a family member to study for the Priesthood is no longer seen as a viable option, so Parishioners will have to cover these costs going forward.  Redevelopment Fund October Envelopes will be counted after this Weekend and it will leave the Development Fund A/C at approx 8K  I had a visit during the week from Keith Eastwood of Lancaster/Maloney Architects, and a design consultant to prepare an estimate for the New Church Entrance. Fr.Bill will share with Parishioners the Estimate as soon as he receives it, of course permission for the works to be carried out, will have to be sought and approved from the Diocesan Board of Finance & Planning as soon as we have sufficient monies in the Redevelopment A/C. The arrangements for the Funeral of Sr.Mary Doyle of the Evron  Community at Brinnington are as followes: “Reception into St.Bernadette’s Church, this Sunday Evening (November 10th) at 4.30pm.  “Requiem Mass” tomorrow  Monday (November 11th) at St.Bernadette’s Church at 11am, followed by burial at Mill Lane Cemetery, Cheadle. May she rest in peace.     Fr.Bill will write again next week.

SVP MEETING – here on Saturday 16th November at 11am to choose officers and re-constitute our Conference at Holy Spirit.  Peter Chorlton will be here to advice us.

THE SEED COMMUNITY CAFÉ at Marple Methodist Church, Church Lane, Marple offer help with using computers and the internet, every Thursday 11am-12noon.



POPE FRANCIS’S PRAYER INTENTION for November is on the front of the newsletter.

REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY: Today we remember with gratitude all who gave their lives in the two World Wars and other more recent conflicts, so that we could live in peace. Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord.

REMEMBRANCE MUSIC; Tony will play a 15 minute programme of reflective music by Chopin, Elgar. and John Williams before each Mass this weekend.


BOOK  SALE: Books including children’s books priced from 50p-£1.   Boxed sets £2.50p. There are also DVDs/CDs at 50p each.  Proceeds to Our Mission in Zambia.  Many thanks for your continued support.


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