Fr.Bill Fitzgerald 427:4922

16th September 2018

24th  Sunday of the Year





First Reading: (Isaiah 50:5-9)

The just person is sustained in all his trials by the firm belief that God is with him.

Second  Reading: (James 2:14-18)

Faith without good works is dead.

Gospel:  (Mark 8:27-35)

Even though Peter declares his belief in Jesus as the Messiah, he has no idea what that implies.


Pope Francis’ prayer intention for September: That young people in Africa may have access to education and work in their own countries.







16th September

Michael Walton




20th September

Persecuted Christians




17th September

Eucharistic Service



21st September

Thanksgiving (Blundell)



18th September

Eucharistic Service



22nd September

Eucharistic Service



19th September

Andrew Brown




23rd September

Margaret Matthews



One decade of the Rosary

Mon, Tues, Weds Thurs, Fri. – 10.30.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Last Saturday of the month 10am-10.50am.


By appointment

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturdays 5.15pm-5.50pm and last Saturday of the month 10am-10 50am








Those who are sick:

Please pray for Bill Davies, Christopher Brown, Stuart Madden, Christopher Clifford, James Tanner, Annie Shufflebotham, Dick Howell, Marie Sidebottom, Malcolm Garrett, Libby Webb, Nina Noworyta, Fr.John Cairns, Marie Hayes,  George Williams,  Ruth Grace Crosby, Jarek Tomaszewski, Emily Small, Ann Crossley,  Kathryn Smith, Pauline Walton, Steven Platts, Gino Belli, Geoffrey Lord, Fr.Kevin Gradwell, Clare Hadlow, Pauline Magrath..

A warm welcome to everyone. If you are  new to the parish, please fill in a card and give it to Fr Bill. We shall be glad to visit you and make you as welcome as possible.


The Diocese of Shrewsbury is a Registered Charity No. 234025












Fr.Bill writes: This past week has been one of the most testing in my thirty seven years as a Priest, the state of the Church for Mass last Saturday evening was unacceptable to me, and I made it clear to  Schofields, the Contractors that to walk away and leave the Church open to the elements as they did last weekend is not acceptable, there is a duty of care to the Clients, eg: the Parishioners. Things have improved  greatly through the course of the week, all the “Skylights” are now in place and sealed, so that they are water tight. The expanse of the Roof between the “Skylights” is in the process of being examined by specialist roofers to see if a new skin needs to be fitted. I have reminded the Diocesan Authorities that nothing short of the roof being left completely water tight in its totality will be suffice for me and the Parishioners. The Church Toilets will be completed by next weekend, and I expect that they will be ready for use then. During the week I also completed training for three new Eucharistic Ministers, Grace Birch, Mary Abbot and Andrea Sproston, Mary and Grace will assist at the Weekday Eucharistic Liturgies, and be available for Weekday and Weekend Masses and Communion to the Sick as required, both are Readers and therefore will not be able to combine both Ministeries  at any Mass. Andrea Sproston will join the existing  Weekday and Weekend rotas, and will also take Communion to those in the local nursing & rest homes and those who are housebound. If anyone else who would like to share in the Ministry of being  a Eucharistic Minister or a Reader, speak with Fr Bill. I am especially interested in any person who is available during the weekdays as we have an increasing number of housebound who need Holy Communion taken to them. I will also later in the Autumn have a short training  for existing Eucharistic Ministers. Last week I also mentioned re starting The Parish SVP Conference there are a number of lonely Housebound People in our Parish who would love a visit, could you give a couple of hours a week to making that visit ?? if so why not join the SVP Conference ?? Fr Bill would like to receive the names of those who may be interested, if you give it a try and its not for you, then that is fine. Altar Servers  a number of Children have expressed an interest, can I reassure possible candidates and their parents, that a number of training sessions will be arranged prior to the candidates being invited to go on the Altar to serve, and if at any time a candidate finds its not for them, there will no obligation what so ever to continue.


Fr Bill will write again next week. 


LATEST PARISH ACCOUNTS  have recently been finalised and are now posted on the Notice Board.

ADVANCE BOOKING FOR  ME AND MY GIRL“         Plaza Theatre, Stockport on Tuesday 16th October at 7.15pm. Tickets £15. List for names and telephone number is on the Ladies’ Notice Board. payments/queries to Pat Marney  427 7121 or Sue Hollingworth 426.0097. {Cheques payable to “Stockport Operatic Society”).

KEEPING CHILDREN SAFE IN A DIGITAL WORLD:  A workshop suitable for parents and carers of children between 8-18 , at Marple Hall School, Monday 17th September 7.30-9.30pm.  Free tickets bookable through www.thepgorkshop.com.

CATHOLIC PRESS:  Please consider buying a Catholic Paper to keep in touch with what is happening in the Church and the world that affects us as Catholics, and to help keep the Catholic Press publishing.




POPE FRANCIS’ PRAYER INTENTION FOR  SEPTEMBER  is on the front of the newsletter.

SERVICE OF CELEBRATION AND THANKSGIVING at the Cross on Cobden Edge this Sunday 16th September at 4pm. Please note there is NO CAR PARKING up there.  Use the Linnet Clough Scout Car Park and walk up, Thank you.

SERRA CLUB OF NORTH CHESHIRE:  The next Meeting is this Thursday 20th September at Christ Church, Heald Green, when the speaker will be Fr.Geoff O’Grady. Subject “An Old Testament Character”. Mass is at 7.30pm followed by a light supper and the Talk.  Everyone is welcome. Please book via Gerry Lanigan- telephone 428.9103.

THE SEASON OF CREATION: September 1st – October 4th. Please take a sheet for prayers and local information for use during this time. You will find these at the back of Church.



CAFOD FAST DAY will be on Friday 5th October. More details next week.

BOOK SALE: Books including children’s books priced from 50p-£1.   Boxed sets £2.50p. There are also videos/DVDs/CDs at 50p each.  Proceeds to Our Mission in Zambia.  Many thanks for your continued support.

SUPPORT FOR PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS: Our fellow Christians are suffering terrible persecution throughout the world and we want to continue to offer them prayerful and practical support. Please help them to know that they are not forgotten. Basket for donations remains at the back of Church. A big thank you to all who regularly contribute. Your generosity is very much appreciated. Please continue to pray for them.



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