Fr.Bill Fitzgerald 427:4922

12th  May 2019





First Reading: (Acts 13-14, 43-52)

Paul and Barnabas turn to the pagans since the Jews have rejected their teaching.

Second  Reading (Apocalypse 7:9, 14-17)

The Lamb will be their shepherd and will lead them to springs of living water.

Gospel:  (John 10:27-30)

I give eternal life to the sheep that belong to me.


Pope Francis’ prayer intention for May: That the Church in Africa, through the commitment of its members, may be the seed of unity among her peoples and a sign of hope for this continent.






12th May

Bill Daniel

Frank Swift





16th May

Marian Pannell and

Joan Taylor



13th May

Eucharistic Service




17h May

Ian Frazer




14th May

Eucharistic Service

Adoration and Rosary



12   18th May

Eucharistic Service




15th May

Matthew& Winifred Delaney





19th May

Joan Davis



One decade of the Rosary

Mon, Tues, Weds Thurs, Fri. – 10.30.

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Adoration and Rosary

Last Saturday of the month 10am-10.50am.

Tuesdays 4pm-5pm


By appointment

Sacrament of Reconciliation


Saturdays 5.15pm-5.50pm and last Saturday of the month.




Those who are sick:

Please pray for Bill Davies, Christopher Brown, Stuart Madden, Christopher Clifford, James Tanner, Annie Shufflebotham, Marie Sidebottom, Malcolm Garrett, Libby Webb, Nina Noworyta, Fr.John Cairns, Marie Hayes,  George Williams,  Ruth Grace Crosby, Jarek Tomaszewski, Emily Small, Ann Crossley,  Kathryn Smith, Pauline Walton, Steven Platts, Geoffrey Lord, Fr.Kevin Gradwell, Clare Hadlow, Pauline Magrath, Kathleen Jones, Father Pat Munroe.



A warm welcome to everyone. If you are new to the parish, please fill in a card and give it to Fr Bill. We shall be glad to visit you and make you as welcome as possible.

                 The Diocese of Shrewsbury is a Registered Charity No. 234025



The Diocese of Shrewsbury is a Registered Charity No. 234025

Data Protection Privacy Notice. The Parish of Holy Spirit, Marple sometimes collects personal information about parishioners. All personal information is collected, processed and stored in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. This is retained only as necessary and used by the Parish/Diocese for the benefit of the Parish and for legitimate reasons such as administrative and religious purposes. You can read our full privacy notice at www.dioceseofshrewsbury.org/about-us/ privacy-notice








Fr.Bill writes…  Liturgically we are slowly making our way through the Easter Season preparing for The Ascension which should be an upbeat time for the Universal Church as Jesus returns to His Father making

Intercession on behalf of the Christian Communities of the world. In the period between Ascension and Pentecost there will be an opportunity for Marple Churches to pray together for Evangelisation in the World across all denominations,on Saturday June 8th at All Saints, Marple 7.30pm-9pm. This

Saturday evening our First Sacrament Candidates are having their final preparatory session before they celebrate their First Forgiveness next Saturday Evening at 4.45pm. We invite all our Parishioners to please remember the Candidates and their Families in your prayers, it is an important time for both. Fr.Bill is available to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation before and after weekday Masses, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. The last Saturday of each month there is Adoration from 10am to 10.50am during this time Fr.Bill is available to celebrate Reconciliation. Each Saturday evening from 5.10pm to 5.45pm.

Fr.Bill would advise anyone intending to get married at Holy Spirit to give him at least a year’s notice if possible, as he also has couples requesting Wedding dates at St.Bernadette’s, Brinnington.  Fr.Bill also advises couples to check with him that he is available and the Church is available before booking reception

Venues. Baptisms are also by prior arrangement with Fr.Bill who will with Baptisms and Weddings do his best to make available requested dates. If there are any outstanding NHS Questionnaires still to be returned, they can be posted directly or handed to Fr.Bill. Sue who was carrying out the project would like to have all Questionnaires returned as soon as possible, with renewed thanks to all who helped by filling in the Questionnaire. We are now in the month of  May, which is a month of special devotion to “Our Lady

Each Tuesday evening 4pm to 5pm there is Adoration and Rosary here at Holy Spirit Church. Fr.Bill in his piece for last week’s newsletter spoke about his proposed fund raising plans for “Phase Two”renovation of the Church and Church Grounds. He is happy to report that he has had a good amount of positive comments about Phase Two and hopes to launch “fundraising” for Phase Two in the month of

June.  A separate Bank A/C has been opened to ensure the monies are kept separate from the Weekly Offertory.  The Fund is now open should anyone wish to make a private contribution. The A/C NAME IS:  “THE HOLY SPIRIT DEVELOPMENT ACCOUNT” Sort Code: 30-15-52. The A/C is held with Lloyds Bank. Donations can be paid in directly at any Branch: by: Cheque/Standing Order/Cash. Fr.Bill will also gladly receive any donations and pay them in.       Fr.Bill will write again next week.

ST.CHRISTOPHER’S, ROMILEY have arranged two Day Trips to which we are all invited, July 4th to Chester and the National Waterways Museum, and September 12th to Llandudno. Details on Notice Board.





POPE FRANCIS’S PRAYER INTENTION FOR MAY is on the front of the newsletter.

TODAY IS VOCATIONS SUNDAY – a Day of Special Prayer for Vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life.

MAY IS THE MONTH OF MARY: Let us pray to our Holy Mother, seeking her intercessions for all our needs and the many needs of our world.  Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.

CHRISTIAN AID WEEK 12th-18th May:  Please pray for the Collectors, that they will be well received.





BOOK  SALE: Books including children’s books priced from 50p-£1.   Boxed sets £2.50p. There are also DVDs/CDs at 50p each.  Proceeds to Our Mission in Zambia.  Many thanks for your continued support.

SUPPORT FOR PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS: Our fellow Christians are suffering terrible persecution throughout the world and we want to continue to offer them prayerful and practical support. Please help them to know that they are not forgotten this Easter. Basket for donations remains at the back of Church. A big thank you to all who regularly contribute. Please continue to pray for them.







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