Various factors that are specific to every family must be considered before you determine when’s the right time to start on the next chapter of your life. Listed below are some of them. Read below to know them: 

Trends in the Local Market 

You should never forget to consider what the real estate market is like within your premises, especially if you’re a potential buyer or seller of a home. Interest rates can constantly change and are a major aspect and why you shouldn’t have to make your decision based only on that. But interest rates can also be a detrimental or beneficial factor in your decision. Hence, you have to think about this before deciding. If you think that interest rates may be very high and are anticipated to enhance over the following one to two years, then you have been delaying on your dream house.? 

Major Life Changes 

Regardless of how hard you try; you can’t always accurately estimate once you plan to purchase a condo or a home in Oahu. Usually, life gets in the way, and there are times when plans become disorganized. However, what’s the right homebuying timeline or process for a particular family might not be the ideal process for you. Because of that, you must consider all factors needed and try to think about whether your family may be experiencing any major life changes sooner or later. If that’s the case, you should try to reassess it before finally purchasing a home in Hawaii.? 


In terms of determining when’s the perfect time for you to sell or buy, thinking about your financial status may be one of the major driving factors that are involved. Some of the questions you should ask yourself as you consider whether you should buy your dream house in Hawaii include: 

  • Can I afford the additional fees partnered with homeownership, such as maintenance, property taxes,&nbspHawaii BAH rate, etc.? 
  • Have I saved a down payment? 
  • Do I have the credit score and income required to qualify for the loan I need? 

Real Estate Market’s Seasonality 

Statistically, the summer and spring months are the times when most people usually sell and buy houses. The weather is generally warmer and the days are longer, perhaps your tax returns have been issued earlier, and your children are on break this summer. Because of such reasons, it’s expected that there will be many buyers searching in these seasons, which makes it quite a seller’s market. But, even if the sellers may have a bit of perk, that does not mean that it could dissuade interested buyers from emerging during these seasons because they can also get a lot of benefits if they purchase one in these seasons. Due to the high demand, there will be more houses available on the market.?? 

Based on the market you are in; prospective buyers could have some bargaining power when the home saturation is extreme enough.?