Holy Spirit Ramblers

Good Practice when Leading Walks

Ramblers have developed many good practice procedures in leading walks, perhaps even without realising it. Examples include: Insurance

From an insurance point of view, it is important to stress that while some practices are encouraged because they are good, their absence does not necessarily mean that there has been negligence.Anyone wishing to make an insurance claim against the Ramblers has to demonstrate negligence or wilful harm. This will be easier to do if a walk leader clearly did not know where they were going, if he/she failed to give any information to walkers at the beginning about length and difficulty of the walk, or if he/she clearly paid no attention to keeping the group together.

Summary of Insurance Cover The insurance is for civil liability and only covers claims made by a third party. It does not cover accidents, personal injuries or medical care. Walkers should make their own arrangements to cover these.

The following guidelines are issued by the Ramblers Association for local groups - they do not necessarily apply to affiliated groups such as the Holy Spirit Rambling Group.

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