Missionaries of Africa


64 Little Ealing Lane


London W5 XF


June 9th, 2016


Dear Fr Marianus, Mary and Everyone Else at the Holy Spirit


You gave me a wonderful welcome and, as always, a generous donation: 1,350 counting the collection after the Masses of 1000 and 350 from the other donations that you have collected in the past weeks and months. Many thanks indeed on behalf of the many people, amongst them the poorest

of the poor, there with us in Zambia.


I have already had to send some emergency help to my great helper there in Chipata, Patricia, who has to cope with prisoners released without money to get home, as also the sick from the hospital they too unable to get home, as also several students we try to help who have been given a dead line to pay their fees or be sent home. Despite that I will still have a substantial sum to take back with me as fortunately the kind of money you gave me goes a very long way in Zambia.


Before I return to Zambia on the 22nd of July I have one or two medical needs to sort out, but nevertheless have to thank the Lord for giving me the health and strength still to be of service to him as for those for whom I believe he wishes to be his instrument of mercy.


May you continue to keep us all in your prayers as I most certainly do and will you.


Very sincerely,


Fr David Cullen, M.Afr