This local landmark on Cobden Edge has for the past two years been a T shape since storms in December 2015 blew off the top which was found to be rotten.

As the cross was originally erected in March 1970 by the then Marple Council of Churches, the Churches in area have taken on the responsibility for restoring it.

Professional advice was taken and it was decided that as the remaining T structure is was showing signs of decay, it would not be wise to repair it. It was agreed at the Churches Together meeting in September to take down the remains of the existing cross and replace it with a stronger structure of galvanised steel clad with wood to retain the original appearance.

The original cross was made by a local carpenter and erected one afternoon by a group of men from the local churches who carried the wood pieces up the steep hill to Cobden Edge and then put the cross together on site using a long ladder and ropes. It would not be possible to repeat this because of present Health and Safety regulations. This time it seemed necessary to employ a local professional construction engineer. He started work in Spring 2018.

It was estimated that 25,000 was needed to cover all costs and the Churches Together have been successful in raising this.

Many people, churchgoers or not, value the cross overlooking our community and have been asking when it will be restored from its present T-shape to become once again the much loved local landmark and an appeal for support from the wider community helped the target to be reached.

GOOD NEWS: The new cross was finally erected on July 16th 2018. It is made of solid treated oak which came from a managed forest in France and according to the contractor should last 500 years!! There will be a Service of Celebration and Thanksgiving up there on Sunday September 16th. It will start at 4pm and last about 30 minutes.

A big thank you to all those who have contributed in any way- the money was raised through churches, individuals and local groups making donations or arranging special fund raising events.  It is wonderful how quickly the money has come in and from the letters etc. I have received I know it is a 'much loved local land mark'


Marian Thompson

Secretary to Churches Together