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The Children’s Liturgy takes place during the 9 o’clock mass on a Sunday morning. The aim is to help the children understand the ‘Liturgy of the Word’.

The children all begin Mass with their families in Church and are invited to the front by Father Bill. They collect Rev. Ted (our suitably attired bear) and a Children’s Bible and are led out into the meeting room. Here all the children gather around and make themselves comfortable.

We are fairly flexible in our activities and each leader brings their own particular talents to the Children’s Liturgy. Usually, we light a candle and begin with the Sign of the cross and prayers. The Gospel is read in an adapted, simplified form and the children then have time to discuss the meaning of God’s word to them, then they work on activities aimed at helping them to understand the reading.

Our quiet and thoughtful beginning is often contrasted by a ‘bit of a scuffle’ at the end when we finish activities and get ready to go back into Church. The children return just before the Offertory Procession and gather in front of the altar. They present their ‘work’ that has been completed during the Liturgy session to Father Bill. An older child usually reads out the main message that the children have learnt and a little about what they have done. Father Bill then asks the children a few questions about what they have learnt.

We hope all the children who come along enjoy the Children’s Liturgy; we love to see so many children there and are grateful for the support that we receive from Father Bill.

Any adults or teenagers interested in helping are, of course, always welcome.

The Children’s Liturgy is aimed at a wide age range of children and we do our best to find activities at a suitable level. We aim to cater for four to ten year olds, although after making their First Holy Communion some children decide to stay in Church.

The number of children who come to Children’s Liturgy varies from week to week, but they are always energetic and take part enthusiastically in activities and discussions. We hope that their time with us helps their faith grow and goes some way towards enabling them to understand and participate in the Mass.

The Children’s Liturgy Group prepare and perform a Christmas Nativity on Christmas Day at the 9 o’clock Mass, with the older children doing the Readings and the Bidding Prayers.

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Nativity Play 2016

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