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These documents have been supplied by various parishioners. In particular the newsletters were handed over by John Brown before he left for Ireland. It is hoped that more documents will come to light in the future. Note that they can only be viewed by prior arrangement.

From Peter Elliot/Elizabeth Wilson

Letter from Fr Gaskell – history of parish prior to 1st visit by bishop 30/3/73

Note on parish boundaries by Fr Gaskell

Photo of Fr Gaskell and parishioners at Pott Shrigley

Lists of costs (1st collection 29/12/67 £48), rent of Hall (’68 £33) & Lib Club (’68 £42), chairs (17/4/72 £816)

List of information supplied (?) from unknown person

Various sheets of A4 on history of parish & costs

Letter from John Brown about benefactor (Albert McDermatt) and meeting room

Herald cutting – Setting Up Stations of the Cross

Order of Service – Setting Up of Stations of the Cross

Sheet – Rite for Setting Up of Stations of the Cross

Via Dolorosa of Marple Booklet

Press Release by Stockport Council  on Via Dolorosa Stations 3/12/1975

Booklet publicising sculptor  John Blakeley

Letter from John Brown to Elizabeth Wilson on history of parish

Letter from Liz ?  to Elizabeth Wilson re slides of setting up the Stations of the Cross

Letter from John M Curial Ofices Birkenhead to Elizabeth Wilson re history of parish

Report on Parish Day/List of groups/Order of Mass (13/10/96)

Report for the Diocesan Review June 1999

Newspaper article on deacon Stuart Adlington

Newsletters 24/8/75, 4/8/96

Dedication of the Altar by Rt Rev Brian Noble Bishop of Shrewsbury o (8/11/2007)

Order of Service for Silver Jubilee of Ordination of Fr Michael

Planned giving Campaign Booklets – 1981, 1988

Parish Committee Constitution

House Masses – Parish Mission

Book  –  CMS minutes       23/4/72 – 5/3/78

Newsletters  1964  - 1968           (St Mary’s)

Newsletters 5/5/68 - 30/12/84 (Holy Spirit)

Newsletters (Digital) July 2008 – 2017

Copy of Visitation Return Form 9/10th October 2010

Site layout & proposed landscaping of new church Dec 1977

Holy Spirit Magazine - Spirit of Marple  1997 – 2007

Parish Diaries (2011 – 2017)

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